So like I said before, the past week and one-half has been a lot more eventful than expected…or wanted. Saturday morning we slept in. It was glorious! The night before we had rented a lot of movies (like 6 movies for only $9 at Food City Video), so I just lounged around for a couple of hours eating and watching movies. Tim decided that he wanted to be a little more productive so he scrubbed down the bathroom.

After he was done cleaning the bathroom he went and started fooling around in the kitchen. All of a sudden I heard water hitting a surface in the bathroom. I thought the shower head may be draining (even though I have never noticed it doing that before). I asked Tim what he thought it was, and then we both went to investigate. It was not the shower head. It was water pouring out of the air vent!

Tim and I kind of freaked out for about a minute, then we went into action. We got buckets and towels together b/c there was A LOT of water coming out. He called emergency maintenance while I tended to the leak. The 8 gallon bucket was filling up in about 2 minutes each time. Then the water started leaking through the ceiling above the shower (at least that one was a little more convenient).

In the end, the water was coming through our closet, bathroom and hallway. And in the midst of it all, it started coming through our fire alarm, causing it to go off. The light fixtures are the globe kind and were filling up with water.

Through it all we could not help but laugh. It was just so crazy, and funny. Tim said that he didn’t know why he didn’t expect something like this week b/c nothing crazy has happened to him in awhile (he just doesn’t have a good memory).

Things are good now. We are still staying with family. We are hoping to move back in soon, and get things cleaned up (no matter how much it overwhelms me – we had to dump the entire contents of our closet into our bedroom and on top of our bed).

It is funny because through all of the craziness, I haven’t really been bothered much (besides my closet throwing up into my bedroom). I have actually had a good time, but I think it is because I have had Tim by my side. I love him, and he calms me (even if he is freaking out).