On Facebook there is a new trend (right word?) to write a note titled “25 Things About Me”. I have already posted on there my list, but I keep thinking about other things I want to add. So I thought I would post on here too, with my additions.

1. I am the oldest of 4 children.
2. My favorite color is green…all shades, but lime green.
3. I have killed 5 chickens while in the Philippines…for food of course.
4. I have ridden a water buffalo.
5. I used to work at a mechanic shop.
6. I want a big family.
7. I love old time-y traditions.
8. I make my husband feel very claustrophobic just by being me (I am not allowed in the kitchen if he is in there b/c it is so small and have do not have any type of understanding on “personal space”).
9. I love to snack.
10. I wish I was crafty.
11. I want to learn how to make soap.
12. Tim and I hope to adopt one day, at least 3 children.
13. I like to cook, but don’t normally.
14. I am tired a lot.
15. I have trouble not trying to lead when I am with a group of people a lot of the time.
16. I have been to the Philippies and Costa Rica.
17. I am hooked on the show “House”.
18. My husband and I knew that we loved each other only a couple days of meeting (we still both believe that).
19. I want to open an orphanage in a third world country one day (hopefully the Philippines)
20. I had a great idea to invent a grocery store with a drive through pick up, but then learned this past weekend that Harris Teeter has already caught on to that. Dang it!
21. I love working with groups of people, but am not so great with the one on one.
22. I really like to read blogs, probably too much.
23. I wish I could travel more.
24. I love kiddos!!
25. Every time I get a paper towel from a roll, I have a habit for always taking two. I have it in my head that only one will not be enough