I had a huge Wake Up Call yesterday. Since I have started working at my new job, I get to meet TONS of people who work or serve with other ministries (since part of the purpose of the ministry I work for is to serve other ministries and businesses).

I have been so excited because the local chapter of Bethany Christian Services (an adoption agency that I have been looking into for when Tim and I begin the adoption process) is actually located in the SAME BUILDING I work in. I have been so excited about the possibility to learn more about the adoption process, primarily international. Yes, I do want to domestically adopt too, but I have always been more interested and invested in international adoption. I know the countries I want to adopt from, I have researched lots of orphanages in those countries, I have viewed lists of waiting children, found and avidly read blogs of families who are adopting from those countries, so on, and so on. Needless to say, I am invested in the need to adopt from all over the world.

Yesterday my boss spoke with me about a woman who works for the local school system. Her job is the “Homeless Student Coordinator”. What? We have homeless children in my town. My, how oblivious I have been. Apparently we have approximately 300 homeless “students” here. 300!! That is unbelievable to me (I mean, I believe what they told me, I just don’t want to)! Some of the children will move from relative to relative, and others may sleep under bridges. And the average age of the “homeless students”? 9 Years Old! My heart was broken as soon as I heard that! I want to bring them all into my home now. I really do. I wonder if I could do that and not have Tim notice (we live in a one-bedroom apartment with two dogs, he’d notice).

I get to meet with the lady who coordinates the care of these children soon. I can’t wait how I can now become “invested” in loving and caring for the children that might be living on the street where I live, or sleeping under the bridge I drive under every day going to work.

Disclaimer: I am still rather ignorant to the whole world of working with people in unfortunate circumstances. If I say anything on here (I really work on not) that might be offensive wording or “politically incorrect”, I apologize. I am learning, please show me grace (and tell me about it too!).

So, I encourage you to look into the community that you live in and see what you can do to help take care of one another. I assure you that those people you “think” you are helping out and taking care of will end up helping you out more than you will ever imagine.