As I have told you already, there will be no travel on our Christmas Day. I absolutley love this plan. I LOVE our family! I do, so much. But I am so tired of travel and obligations on the holidays. No more I say, and so does Tim too. Tomorrow will be filled with sleeping in, cooking, hanging out with Kansas and Blu, long walks, hot chocolate, cooking again, movies, and more….if only we had a fireplace (we fell in love with the fireplaces at the timeshare this past weekend; more on that later).

To start off the day, I will make some great coffee for Tim and some hot chocolate for me. I will also cook this. Then we will probably go on a long walk with Blu and Kansas.

Blu and Kansas

Blu and Kansas

After that we might come in for a game of Catch Phrase or the ERS card game that I am no good at. Then for some lunch. After lunch we may take a nap or watch a movie or who knows. It doesn’t matter because today is obligation free day!! (It does sound extremely self centered now, but truthfully we are starting this tradition now for when we have children. I really want to infuse in them the importance of family and not obligations. And I love the idea of just staying home with the kiddos on the holidays just cooking, cuddling, talking about the important things, and just loving on each other. We most certainly want to spend time with family for the holidays…just not ON the holidays). Then to start cooking again. I am thinking about cooking this, with this. Then after dinner we will curl up on the couch and read the Christmas Story of baby Jesus and give praise and thanks to our Lord and Saviour.

What are you doing for Christmas?