The Parkers are trying to bring home their beautiful son/brother from Haiti. They need our help. They could possibly have only a few weeks to make this happen. They still need $4,000 to bring him home.

Debra has listed some ways that you can help. Here they are:

“1.  Pray for us.  our paperwork.  the Haiti side. The financing.
2.  Buy a shirt. [see HOPE t shirt post]
3.  Buy a Haiti photo. [below]
4.  Tell your friends.
5.  Pray for our paperwork translator.
6.  Please pray for our son in Haiti.”

Please go over to her blog and pray about the ways that you can help this family out. She has photos on there that you could buy and t-shirts. Or if you feel you cannot afford either, please help to spread the word through email/word of mouth/on your blog/whatever (get creative).

Please help to bring this boy home to his forever family.