I read this post today. It just breaks my heart to read the pain and suffering children go through all over the world. But there is hope for them. First and foremost, in Jesus Christ. And then through His people. I encourage you to do research in local and international programs where YOU can reach out and help save others’ lives.

My pastor preached over the election this past Sunday. Normally, I would not like that. But his sermon was not over Mccain & Obama. He did not once mention their name nor any of their policies.  His sermon could apply to most presidential elections. One of the things that he said really stuck with me. He said, I wonder what you would define as being rich. In my book, if you have more than enough food in your house for one day, you are rich. If you have even one pair of shoes for your feet, you are rich according to the world’s standards.

I am willing to bet that every single person who is reading this post would meet both of those. If you are a Christian, it is your duty, NOT option, to take care of the “widows and orphans”. To take care of those who are needy, unwanted, unloved, “throw aways”, etc. I encourage you to do research and find the outlet you feel the Lord is drawing you to, whether local or international, and invest in it. Invest in it through prayer, financially, and with your time/love. I assure you, it is worth it.