Yesterday, I skipped out on church. Tim went, but I stayed behind. Usually I am pretty lazy, but yesterday I got SO much done! I was so proud of myself! Here is my time line of yesterday (just b/c I want to type it out this way :)).

  1. Sleep in until…wait, I didn’t sleep in. I got up at 7:30.
  2. Run out to get gas for my car.
  3. Come back and pick up Tim.
  4. Go to radio station to pick up station vehicle.
  5. Drop off station vehicle at Susan G Komen Race.
  6. Go back home, Tim goes to church.
  7. I lay around for a little longer.
  8. Get up and start on Project Christmas Presents (I am determined to make at least half of my Christmas presents this year. I can’t say just yet what they are on here, because my momma occasionally reads).
  9. Work on Project Christmas Present for about an hour.
  10. Sit down, eat Lucky Charms, and watch Center Stage (one of my favorites!).
  11. Walk the dogs, and jog a little bit with them.
  12. Come back in to start on making a loaf of bread.
  13. Mix everything for the bread…then let it rise (which it didn’t actually rise for some reason :().
  14. Work on and finish Project Christmas Present for Necie (my younger sister).
  15. Put the bread in the oven even though it didn’t rise.
  16. Give the dogs a bath (both of them).
  17. Blow dry dogs.
  18. Take bread out of oven.
  19. Clean bathroom.
  20. Oh yeah, some where in there is two loads of laundry.
  21. Take bread out of oven to discover it actually is good.
  22. Discover bread is not baked all of the way through 😦
  23. Oh well.
  24. Take shower, get ready.
  25. Go to work at 4:15.

Whew! I was so proud of myself, until today when I am exhausted and sore.

How was your weekend?