Yesterday, Tim and I took two boys, Nathan-3 yrs and Daniel-5 yrs, to the circus (which the whole experience of the circus is a whole different post). We had so much fun with the boys. I loved getting to hang out with them. I used to babysit them once a week, a long with their your brother Dalton, but then we moved and it was too far for me to drive. At some point during the afternoon I looked at Tim and said, “I could do this”. He asked, “What?”. I said, “I could have kids…and right now”. He just kind of laughed it off. Later on in the evening, he looked at me and said, “I am exhausted! We are not doing this for a long time!” I quickly informed him that the older we get the more tired we will be. He ignored me. 😉

One of the really funny things that happened during the afternoon full of fun is we went to McDonald’s (the request for McDonald’s totally caught me off guard…I must say that I really didn’t want to go there. Again, a topic for a different post). While we were there, Nathan sits straight up in his chair laughs and then proclaims very loudly, “I farted. I farted again!”. Tim burst out laughing and so did Daniel. I tried to hold back the chuckles while I told Nathan to not say that so loudly. Then Nathan got embarrassed b/c the boys were laughing at him and started pointing at them while whispering, “You be quite and you be quite”.

I am telling you…I could do this!