Saturday was so much fun! Unfortunately, I do not have pictures. At the very last minute I went to charge the batteries in my camera and couldn’t find them. Strange. That makes me sad, but Julie Roberts will have pictures posted hopefully by Thursday from the wedding (which her’s will be so much better than anything I could ever do!). She already has a preview posted. I am very excited to see the pictures from Kelly & Ian’s wedding!

The wedding was so unique. Nothing like any wedding I have ever been to! It was in an apple orchard in Whitetop, VA. People brought quilts to sit on, which looked lovely. Several people stayed standing during the ceremony. Honestly, I do not believe everyone can pull off certain things for a wedding. Kelly and Ian definitly pulled this off. Everything was so care free. She was BEAUTIFUL! I cried (which I have only recently started crying at weddings). And then after it was all over, we picked apples and ate them! How fun!

**Side note: At the orchard there were several bees buzzing around. I am not the type of person who is scared of bees. I know that if you just leave them alone and don’t act scared, they will leave you be…usually. After the ceremony, I was about to give a friend a hug when Tim walked by and told me to watch out for the bee. I never actually saw the bee. Then I went to hug Mary and she pulled me to her rather forcefully (that is part of her really good hugs :)). We did not notice the bee was between us. As she hugged me, I was stung right next to my thorax. Oh how that hurt! I walked away from everyone b/c I didn’t want anyone to see me crying. Tim was so great to take care of me. I am not allergic to bees, thank goodness. So I just had a whelp, and a little hiving. But everything was great later on.**

The reception was at a community center that had the most gorgeous scenery. I informed Tim that I want to move to Virginia one day. He agreed. This season has been one of the most gorgeous in a few years, as far as leaves changing goes. The reception was so much fun! It was a potluck, which went so well made me start wondering why more weddings do not have potluck receptions! Then later there was square dancing (Kelly and Ian both are big into dancing! And they are really fun to watch too). I love to watch that, and to dance too.

For the whole day we got to travel there and back with a really great couple, Silas and Mollie. Silas was Tim’s best man in our wedding. We had so much fun riding with them there and back. I love having such great people as friends!

How was your weekend?