I like how Bush & Aaron talk about sponsoring children through Compassion International: bringing children out of poverty. I have wanted to be apart of this for awhile now, but have thought that we didn’t have enough money to add another category in our budget break down (I know, selfish, right).

This past weekend, my husband and I were hanging out running some errands. Out of no where, he says to me, “I think it would be really cool to adopt a kid”. *** Side Note: if you don’t know my husband or the situation with us having/adopting children, he has said that he wants to wait no shorter than 5 years of being married to have kids. I understand and agree completely with his logic in this, but I am wanting babies now (we have only been married just shy of 1.5 years)! He doesn’t even get an excited/gitty feeling when we talk about babies or when he sees me holding them. He says he will when the time comes for us to have them, just not now.*** I about flipped out! I thought he was telling me that he wanted to adopt kids now! (which by the way we are not qualified for at this point). Then, after talking about it, I realized he meant “sponsor” not adopt. I am really excited about that too (I have to be honest in saying I was more excited when I thought we were going to start the process of bringing a child home).

So tonight, we are going over to Compassion International’s website and signing up to sponsor a child. I am so excited about the relationship that will be formed through this process and that we will be helping to bring a child out of poverty.

Please take a moment to think about / pray about sponsoring a child of your own. I also encourage you to visit Compassion’s website to look at the pictures of the children who still need to be sponsored. Maybe this can be a class/group effort. Or maybe for your whole family to be apart of. Either way, this is a chance for YOU to make a difference in this big world. A difference you may have not thought possible before now.