I got to experience a biker bar this weekend. And let me just say, I thought about taking a picture, but I also thought I would get my butt kicked if I did! So, I refrained from that one!

Saturday morning was the big poker run that I have been planning for months now. It did not go well. I will just leave it at that. Before everything began it was suggested to me that I should call one of the stops, the biker bar, and make sure they have some one there to man the stop. Well, I am glad that I did. They had no one. Great. So, after registration, I had to go to the biker bar. Fun times!

When the other people who were working the poker run found out I had to go to the bar, they kept telling me to be careful. When I asked if it was a rough place, they would say, “no, just be careful”, with a look of grimace/worry on their face. Apparently, the bar I got the privilege of visiting is known to be a rough place.

Let me just say, it was just like you see in the movies…minus the fighting. I loved it. There was a biker club that ALL met there to go for a ride. And then while they were there, another poker run showed up. There were lots of people with them. So, it was me and about 100 bikers all crowded into a very small building, with almost every one of them smoking. Let me just say, I stuck out like a sore thumb. I liked hanging out with them though. I didn’t dare talk, just listened.

I was sitting at a booth and four of them came and sat with me. There was room at my booth. There were some interesting conversations there, filled with “four-letter” words. And all of them were smoking. Did I mention that I have been sick for the past week? That didn’t help.

Then, in the midst of the crowd, a big tall man, decked out in leather, stood up, whistled, and said, “Let’s go”. The place then emptied and the bikers rode off together.

Now, as you read this, you probably are thinking that I was grossed out and appalled by all of the smoking, drinking a 40 of beer at 11am, and the two girls going out back to get high together. But secretly, I kind of wanted to be in on it all (well, not the smoking, drinking, and getting high part:)). Yeah, I know, I could never be that cool. But I wanted to jump on a bike and ride off into the sunset. Maybe that will be for another life.

So instead, I stayed in the smoke filled bar, and waited for the end of my poker run.