I have realized that I have not really posted as much as I used to, hence, I do not update you as much on what is going on in our crazy lives.

Tim has gone back to school. He has decided on speech pathology. He is in his first semester back in school now. He still has quite a few core classes to take before he can get into it. I think that for his undergraduate degree he will have his major be Child and Family Studies and his minor as Speech Pathology (at ETSU they do not have Speech Pathology as a major). And then when the time comes for him to get into Graduate school for Speech Pathology, he will still be able to get in with just a minor. And apparently, schools and employers LOVE IT when men apply b/c there are so few of them. So that is a plus right there. I am excited for him.

I got a new blackberry phone (I know that I just stepped WAY down on the level of importance on the updates). I really like it a lot. I REALLY like the blackberry chat option. And the calendar too.

I have decided to go back to nursing school. I know, big change. But to be honest with you, I would have had to make this change if I would have just done what I felt like the Lord was telling me to do 2 1/2 years ago! During the summer of 2005 I spent 2 months in the Philippines. CHANGED MY LIFE!! When I got back, I just kept thinking to myself how much I do not belong here.

Anyway, back to the part where I felt I should come back home and be a nurse: We visited one village and just hung out there loving on the kids and playing with them. One little boy had a knot on his head, a goose-egg if you will, that had gotten that had gotten infected. It was horrible, and only b/c he had nothing to properly clean it with. He also had pink eye in both eyes. I was so drawn to that boy. I held him for the majority of the time we hung out with the children. Two days later I woke up with pink eye in both eyes…and then gave it to someone else on my team. Oops. That same weekend, we were all in the host house for our siestas (can we PLEASE bring those to America?!). I just kept sitting there feeling like I should change my major as soon as I got home to nursing.

After all of the past major storms/hurricanes came through, I felt again that I should be doing something to help.

Did I tell you that my little brother is about to graduate and he has been hired onto the BEST company to work for in Tennessee (according to Forbes Magazine)? I am so very proud of him! He is still having to work hard for this last semester, but his graduation date is set for December 13th. I am so excited for him! Here is a picture of him, I think he was talking when this picture was taken

Ok, I have quite a bit going on right now at work. I have a poker run to finish up the plans on (how did I get into that?!), Bras Across Tri-Cites : we are collecting bras to string up in downtown Kingsport to raise awareness for Breast Cancer, and so much more…+ I have a cold and am exhausted. I need to go for now, but I will catch back up soon. Even though I am not posting much, I am still trying to keep up on all of your blogs.