The Bush Family is about to go from a duo to a trio. They have been going through the domestic adoption process for about a year now (I think). They got the call in late August (fitting b/c their child’s name will be August) that they were chosen to be the parents of a baby boy. The child is due to be born October 2nd. I cannot tell you how excited I am for these two! They are going to make great parents.

Now it is crunch time. Next week (if on time) the baby will join us in this crazy world and be welcomed by his new parents. There is one catch, they still are 1/3 short of the money they need for the adoption fees. That’s about $4,000. Bush (the proud papa) has come up with a way to raise that money. He is a photographer . His work is amazing! (Side Note: His work is the reason I was turned on to raising awareness about the global water crisis.)

He is now offering prints of some of his favorite shots for just $35 a print (includes shipping). Each photo has a story behind it. If he sells 140 prints, the $4,000 will be raised! I am so excited about the print I got! You should head over now to the Adopting August website and get your’s today! This will help bring a baby boy home to his loving and wonderful parents.

If you buy a print or even if you can’t afford one but still want to help out, be sure to post about this on your blog and get the word out.

(The picture I chose):