For the past couple of weeks, my husband and I have switched vehicles. He is driving my car, and I his truck. We typically switch when he has to drive farther than I do, to save on gas. He is back in school now, and his school is farther than my work. So, we have switched. I was thinking this morning, while driving to work, how I focus my thoughts on certain things when I drive his truck. Here are some of those thoughts.

*Why does the heat only work if it is on high? The heat in my car works just fine. (and yes, I turned on my heat this morning!)

*I think my ears are crooked. Every pair of sunglasses that I have owned-minus one pair, which was my favorite pair ever…for three years and then I lost them (which is inevitable, I lose everything)- have been crooked. If almost every pair has been this way, I can only assume it is b/c of me.

*What kind of vehicle will I buy next (I think this one a lot!)? Should I just go ahead and buy a mini-van since I want to have a big family and probably won’t buy another vehicle for many years? But I really like the Subaru Frontier (which by the way, you HAVE to go HERE and click on “Start your photo session here”, it is hilarious!).

*Why do people continue to creep forward when the light is still red? That drives me crazy! You don’t get to your destination faster if you stop just shy of an inch from my rear bumper!

*I miss my husband. Even though I just left him (at home, he just got to wake up while I am on my way to work), I still wish I could see him more.

*Community group is tonight! I am excited!

*Who can I call to just chat with on my way to work? Is Meg awake? Probably not. Or should I just drive in silence and take this time as me time? That sounds good.

*I want to move back to Johnson City.

*How long will it really be until we have kids?

*I want to go back to school.

*I am tired.

*I don’t want to go to work.

*Just where does this blasted school zone end?

*Stop riding my tail!

Ok, so some of these thoughts actually just came to me. But for the most part, this is what I think about.

What are some of your thoughts on the way to work or just in the mornings?