Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone. I am still here and doing well. I am just super busy right now, thus I am tired a lot too. There are a couple of things going on in my life that I don’t want to share on here just yet, but I promise I will soon. Nothing bad at all, just some new developments (and for those of you who have this thought pop up immediately, NO, I am not pregnant! 🙂 ).

I have been reading several blogs for updates on Haiti and the damage that was done there from the hurricanes/storms. I am so glad that people are stepping up and helping! Praise the Lord!

I have also been reading lots of blogs through Google Reader, which causes me to not visit any blogs, especially my own. That might be contributing to not writing.

Some things that are coming up for me are The Rail Grass 2008 in downtown Kingsport. And with that, The HOG Poker Run & Motorcycle Rail Ride. (Did I tell you that I am planning a biker rally? SO weird for me! And, I am SO ready for it to be over!). Also, I the coordinator of a wedding coming up Oct. 4th. I am excited about that! Then, a good friend of mine from college is getting married the very next weekend. This is going to be so fun b/c it will more or less be a “hippie” wedding, which I love, and there will be contra dancing. I probably will not get to dance at the wedding, or at least any contra dances, but I love to watch people who are really good dancers. Especially the bride and groom! They are so good! I will be sure to post some pictures and maybe even some video of that great event! Then it is off to Gatlinburg for a semi-family reunion in November. I am excited to see everyone. I hardly ever get to spend time with my family, so it should be a blast!

I also have pictures (in slideshow below) of one of the most beautiful weddings that I have ever been to. This wedding was not beautiful b/c of the decorations and flowers, but b/c of how godly it was. My husband and I love and respect this family SO MUCH. It was an honor to be there for this wedding.