Honestly, I don’t think I could ever type out on here my genuine desire for you to be apart of the effort to help the people of Haiti. The need is real. The need is HUGE.

I saw a slide show HERE that shows more pictures of the damage (this slide show is shows Haitians pulling their dead children, mothers, & fathers from the waters; view it at your own discretion). And it makes me sad that the election is causing so many people to not know what is going on in Haiti.

The Livesay family wrote a post that I would like to share with you. They are there. They are seeing the need and the detestation. Read what they have to say HERE.

They write:

“If every person reading sent what it would cost to go out to eat, or approximately $30 – not only would it free them up to make some decisions about how to help in their community, but it would encourage them and it would be confirmation for them that they are not alone. If 700 readers sent $30 – the ministry would have 21K to work with in the next few weeks. The greatest effect we could all have – would be to donate the money immediately. Not tomorrow, not when you think of it this weekend – right now. PLEASE do it today. It is rally time.

Thank you. Your money will directly help victims of the storms in Haiti. I promise you that.”

Go HERE to make your donation. Continue to read the updates about what is going on at the Haiti Rescue Center HERE.