I am sure that all of you have heard about the three storms/hurricanes that have gone through in the past couple of weeks. Well, the people of Haiti were hit hard. The land is devastated. The people are fighting to either stay alive or to keep loved ones alive because of the flood waters or lack of food and water. So many houses were washed away. Bridges, roads, buildings too. The only way to travel seems to be on foot. And when it comes to getting food and aid to the people, that almost seems impossible. These people need your prayers and support.

Go HERE to read about and see pictures of how the Rescue Center is making it through. The children are all fine and so are the workers. There was one child who died during the storms, but that was because he was extremely malnourished when he got to the Rescue Center.

Go HERE to read an article about the detestation in Haiti.

HERE Jamie has posted what Lori has told her as the needs of the Rescue Center right now.

Here is what she posted:

“#1 need is water – they have people bringing water in from river and then they are running it through a filter. Lori wasn’t sure on numbers, but she knows that Licia is paying people to bring water up from river and people to filter the water. They have good filters, it just takes time, money to run generator, and money to pay people to get the water. Lori gave me a rough estimate that $40US dollars per day could get clean water to a minimum of 250 people per day.

SO I am unashamedly asking that if you are reading this that you go right now and donate a minimum of $40 to RHFH. You can help them provide clean drinking water to people.

#2 need is food – problem is that they can not get in and out of Cazalle. So they are having to buy from local vendors, etc. BUT they all went through flood too, so resources are low.

#3 need is stuff for people’s houses in villages that was destroyed – Lori isn’t there, so she can’t say first hand, but she knows that people had to have lost everything. She thinks one of their workers lost his whole house. Just from knowing where people live she knows that people had to have lost a lot. They will try and help their employees from the RC and clinic and people in their village and surrounding villages. So, they will need $ from volunteers like us to help rebuild people’s home and get them new “stuff”. As she gets back and they can get out and access the damage they will let me know more needs. Right now Licia can’t even walk around or get across the river to check things out.”

Jamie and two friends are also traveling to Haiti later this month so she can see her two kids (they are in the adoption process now) and work on their adoption process. Please have Jamie, her family and her travels in your prayers.

I am echoing Jamie’s request that is listed above. Lori gave a rough estimate that $40 US dollars per day could get clean water to a minimum of 250 people per day!

PLEASE consider being apart of this effort! I really believe that each of us could help to provide water to these people. That is the #1 concern for these people. No matter the amount, please consider donating to the effort of getting clean water to the people of Haiti!

You can go HERE to make a donation. Click on the “Real Hope for Haiti” logo on the upper right corner.

Also, you can get the word out of this need by sending emails or posting this on your blog as well. Help out in any way possible. Get creative! And Pray!