Hey everyone. If you read my blog at all then you know I follow Lori and Licia‘s blogs. These ladies help to run the Rescue Center & Medical Clinic in Haiti. They have another major shipment of supplies headed their way and have posted their needs on her blog.

If you could sponsor a palette, that would rock! You could sponsor a palette for $250.

She has also listed the needs of the Rescue Center & Medical Clinic. I thought that I would also list them for you. It is so easy to just pick a couple of things on this list and pick them up the next time you are at the grocery store. Take a look and see what you could do!


1. large safety pins

2. crib sheets

3. short-any size

4. sock-any size

5. boys and girls underware-any size

6. barretts

7. plastic pants (to put over cloth diapers)

8. baby shampoo, lotion, powder

9. hand santizer

10. bumbo seats

11. sippy cups

12. spoons

13. bowls

14. pens

15. sharpies

16. pillows

17. Q-tips

18. newborn clothes

19. any toys

20. shoes and sandles-any size

21. infant formula

22. baby food

23. baby cereal

24. twin mattress

25. shower curtains

26. small kids picnic tables

27. infant formula

For the Clinic….

*post-it notes
*white out
*paper clips
*index cards
*hanging file folders
*ink – HP21 & HP22
*rubber bands
*office chairs & stools
*fans – any kind
*blood pressure cuffs
*fetal doppler
*syringes-1cc, 3cc
*hand sanitizer
*suture material
*foleys 14,16
*O2 SAT monitor
*oxygen concentrator
*loose leaf notebook paper
*file cabinet-4 drawer, heavy-duty
*pen lights or flashlights
*braces & splints – wrist, finger, knee

For Community Group….
*chicken wire, feeding containers, etc – anything to raise chickens
*Any materials for sewing (for the sewing class) – sewing machines (electric and pedal), material, thread, straight pins, zippers, buttons, needles, measuring tape (in cm), scissors, rotary cutter, carbon paper, marking pens/colored pencils (red and blue), patters, etc.
*shovels, garden tools

*5 gallon water cooler


*garden hose