Yesterday was a bad day. I am talking, bad. I won’t/can’t go into details, but at work and on the home front it just wasn’t good. More so the trouble came from work. I experienced being infuriated, discouraged, my feelings being really hurt, and nauseous all in  one day. It wasn’t fun.  But part of my day included going to a huge event here in town and spending hours there.  With thousands of people. Did I tell you I get claustrophobic in crowds now? It is not fun. And me being in an extremely bad mood did not make matters any better.

I thought the day was a wash (is that the way the saying goes?) until I stumbled upon these little guys. The Ultimate Air Dogs. I stood there for probably 30 minutes watching them and loved it. I immediately wanted to go home and start training Kansas (my dog whom I believe is a Border Collie/Jack Russell terrier mix). She would be perfect for it! Anyway, I just wanted to share with you a video. It is not from the show I saw, but it is the same company. I hope you enjoy!