My wedding photographer, Jule Roberts, saw on my blog that I am missing the days of wearing my wedding dress. So she put together a slide show of some of the pictures from my bridal portrait session. She is so sweet! She even added a song.

I know that I have posted my wedding pictures on here often, but I just love them! I told my mom when we were creating a budget for the wedding that besides leaving with a husband, the pictures are one of the most important things that I would take away. She was hesitant about focusing so much on the pictures, but afterwards was so thankful that we did. She has even said that she is going to pay for our kids to have pictures taken every three months of the first year of their life!! I am pretty excited about that too!

Now when I show my pictures to people, I always tell them how much I am happy with how they turned out. And then I add in that it is definitly Julie’s talent that makes them look so great. If you could see how many pictures didn’t look so great (b/c of things that I don’t like about myself, i.e. a profile shot) you would know that she has worked wonders with these! And, she learns what you like and don’t like in pictures and sticks with that. I do not like my profile shot. My nose is big and what my brother used to call a ski slope! So she works with that.

Ok, so I definitly encourage anyone to take a look at Julie’s work. I know so many people who have been SO happy with her product. And she is SO great to work with!

I also wanted to post on here the slide show that she made for me. I love this girl!

Go HERE for the slide show.