Since I immediately posted on my blog after I introduced to you two new blogs, I wanted to post again mentioning one of them. You see, the author of this blog has been such a great person in my life. I met her when I moved to East Tennessee. She has been INCREDIBLY encouraging to me in these past few years. And I am not unique in this. She is encouraging to so many other women and has made it a mission in her life to be this way.

I wanted to go into more details on the purpose of her new blog. I have never been good at speaking for others, so I will let her (from an explanation she told to me) describe to you the purpose of Labor of Love.

“See…there are a couple of aspects of Labor of Love
1 is encouragement
1 is Life Purpose Coaching
1 is Doula (Birthing Coach)

I have not yet worked out how it will all work together under Labor of Love yet 🙂

And the blog is the beginning…it is soley for encouragement in being authentic with one another and with God…it will evolve as I have more insight and direction…but for now…that is what it is”

So, go over to Labor of Love and give her some blog love!