Ok, this is really a post for the girls. Not that I think many guys read my blog.

Do you ever look at pictures from your wedding or your bridal portraits and just wish you could wear your wedding dress again? I am not talking about fitting into your dress, but getting to wear it and not have people think you are strange. Gosh I love my wedding dress.

I almost wish I could just wear it around. I did that once with my prom dress. I really liked my prom dress, and knew that I would not have another occasion to wear it again. So one day I pulled it out of my closet and wore it around the house. I even cooked pancakes in it.

I know this is just rambling, but I don’t care. I wish there were special occasions where I could wear my dress again. Here is a slide show that is an ode to my dress (except I think an ode is a song, but I felt like it fit).