What is funny about that statement is I am not here working out. Tim and I are at the club house. He has been weight lifting. He just lifted all of the weight that is on the bench press machine. He wants me to watch and to discuss it all with him, but I really don’t care much about it. Is it horrible to say that? I know he loves to talk about all of this stuff, but I don’t. Now I am back sitting in the t.v. area watching the women’s gymnastics for the olympics. Tim came in here and said “now this stuff is crazy”. I started to say something and he shushed me. Ha! I think that is funny.

Anyway, I was actually good today. We went and walked on the Greenbelt in Kingsport. It is a walkway that runs through Kingsport. That was our first time to go there and it was fun. The squirrels are really accustomed to people being there. At one point Tim was standing about a foot from one and it just looked at him. Then we got back and took the dogs for a long walk. I jogged with Kansas for a little while. My legs are not liking me too much now, and will probably hate me tomorrow, but I was proud. Then we came back and I cooked salmon.

Today was a good day.