Wow, this past weekend was busy! We had so much fun! Friday started off with the Launch youth conference. It was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the band, I think they were called the Stefanicks. And the speaker was great too.

Matt Setliffe also came to the event to speak on The Hydrate Project and Innovative Missions Opportunities . We were also able to sale t-shirts at the event for the Hydrate Project. Sunday Morning Matt gave a little preview of what he was to speak on Sunday night. Also, Tim and the rest of the 3rd service band played during worship at church. It was a preview of what was to come with the 3rd service/modern worship service. They did great and got great feedback as well.

After church we headed to Fazoli’s and then spent a couple of hours at Barnes and Noble. I love getting to hang out with my husband. He is so much fun and makes me laugh. Then we were back to church. Matt spoke again that night and he did a great job! He really is a great speaker and I was excited he got to meet our church and bring to them the truth of what is going on all over the world. The people of Heritage seem excited to be apart of this opportunity and have backed that up by being willing to step up and raising the needed funds. We raised over $1,800 this weekend!! Praise God!!! That so blessed my heart! We also got some other great news that I will share another time. We are just about 2/5 the way there. I am so excited!! And it makes me even more excited to think of the village’s excitement when they hear the news of this. This clean water well will save so many people’s lives and give them so many other opportunities. AND, they will hear the name of Jesus Christ b/c of this fresh water well. How exciting is that!!! I can’t believe how far this fundraising campaign has come and how much we still have left to do.

After church, we went to visit Eric McCarty in his garage. He has given himself a challenge to lock himself in his garage until he has 500 registered users for his website. You should definitly check it all out. No, he is not crazy, just determined to get this site up and running. And be sure to register (2 simple steps for a great website) so we can get him out of his garage soon! His wife and kids really want him back! You can also watch him on his webcam.

The people of Heritage have truly blessed me this weekend to see how willing they are to take care of others and to be missions minded. And it is all to show the love of Christ. Ok, go check out all of the links I listed above. There are really great things to be apart of. I will also post a picture/link to the t-shirts as soon as I can, so check back!

What was your weekend like?