Last night was a struggle for me to sleep. Right before we went to bed we saw a bug right above our bed. I don’t know what it was. It looked like a mix of a spider and a millipede. This thing was scary, and fast too! When I tried to catch it it ran all over the place. Also when I tried to catch it, my dog just so happened to brush up on the side of my leg. Talk about freaking out! I thought the bug had attacked me.

Now don’t think my house is dirty b/c we have bugs in it. I mean, it isn’t the cleanest of houses, but it is not what I would consider dirty. Our apartment is adjusted partially below ground level. For some reason this causes bugs to get it in easier. We have found big spiders, millipedes, rolly-pollies, and Tim says he has found more but he won’t tell me b/c I will freak out. Our apartment also sprays for bugs regularly, and we still get them. We soon found out that the Pest Control people do not guarantee they will get rid of the spiders. Great. The one thing that we want to get rid of we can’t. Supposedly (and our house is evidence of this) spiders are immune to the pesticide spray…or what ever the pest control spray is called. They also do not make this guarantee because if someone got bit and were sick after they sprayed, they could get sued. So, we are stuck with the spiders. Great.

We absolutely love our apartment. It is really great. Really. But last night as I laid awake freaking out b/c I thought a spider or some other bug was going to drop on my head from the ceiling, I kept thinking that I couldn’t live like this and I want to move out. That is crazy talk and my husband would not hear of it. Not that I talked to him about it, he was fast asleep. He told me not to think about it. How in the world is that possible?! I eventually fell asleep, but it was to a restless sleep. Every once and awhile I would jerk awake thinking there were bugs on me.

Also, I kept thinking of that old children’s song that has to do with spiders. You know the one. It is meant to send chills up your back. Here is a refresher:

Spiders crawling up your back

You’re going smack, smack, smack

Spiders crawl up, Spiders crawl down

Spiders crawl up, Spiders crawl down

They bite you! They bite you!

Tight squeeze, and now you’ve got the willies!

I know, it is weird, but I that kept going through my head last night. Maybe tonight will bring better sleep.