My husband and I have been apart of a certain group of people from our church since we joined. It is our community group. We loved this group. Even though we may have been fighting it a little (or a lot), they were a very important part to our lives. When I say fighting it, I mean I have gone through some hard times, inner battles if you will, within the past year and didn’t really want to have anyone close to be. Regardless of any of that, these people loved me. These people hold a very special place in my heart.

We knew it was coming, just didn’t pay much attention to it. Two of the couples in the group had husbands who are in medical school. The time would come when they had to move away for their residency program. It just so happened when that time came, our group leader and his wife felt the call to work for a different ministry. They too would be leaving the group. That left two couples, two other individuals, and no leader. None of us wanted to be the leader, for various reasons. So, we either needed to find a new leader, or find a new group.

Last night we visited a new group. The people in this group are really wonderful. They are actually, for the most part, all really good friends of our’s. Well, they have been at one time. Circumstances have caused us to not be able to see each other, thus we have grown apart. Anyhow, getting to hang out with them last night and dig into scripture and to have discussion with them was really great. But I couldn’t help miss my other group.

There are things about our other group that I miss. For instance, one of the families had a little boy who is almost 2. He would watch a movie while we had our lesson. When his movie was over, we would hear him become unsettled. The movie would need to be re-started. One of us, it really didn’t matter who, would go and take care of him. It sounds silly, but things like that made my heart happy. We took care of each other, at least for that one night of the week. I loved that.

I know that as we continue to be apart of this group, we will grow closer to them and develop group characteristics of our own. And I am really excited about that. I know that we will learn a lot from this group. I am excited to see the ways God makes this group special to me.