Hey everyone! I am back from a really amazing vacation with my wonderful husband. We went to Charleston, SC for a week. It was awesome! We stayed right in the middle of downtown, which was great! We went on a horse carriage tour of the city, a ghost walk tour of a jail house, to the Aquarium, visited Folly Beach and ate at some really great restaurants. We also just laid around a whole lot. At first I felt guilty for just staying in our room so much, but then I realized that this was our vacation and we can do whatever we want. That was great! The resort we stayed at was REALLY nice. We loved it! Ok, here are some pictures. Notice how much Tim loves the camera (yeah right!).

Our One year anniversary we went to a really nice restaurant named High Cotton. We actually didn’t really how nice it was until we were there. It was the kind where we spent a lot and got a small portion of food. Then we went back to the hotel and ate a piece of our wedding cake. It was actually really good.

One year Anniversary!

When we went on the horse carriage tour I took lots of pictures of houses we liked. I didn’t realize how much history was in Charleston. I’ll save you the bore of going through all of those pictures. Here is one of probably my favorite house we saw. Also, I LOVED the cobblestone streets. They were really pretty.

We bought a house while we were there

Below on the left is the street men used to duel on. They decided they shouldn’t do it out where women and children could see and they needed a place it would be safe for everyone else.

Then we went on a ghost walk tour of an old jail. I thought it was funny (not at the time of course) b/c I was quietly freaking out and Tim was checking out how the jail was constructed. I kept looking over to him checking out the walls and what material it was made out of. It was really funny. At first I took a lot of pictures in there, but then I slowed down. They kept saying to take lots of pictures and you might catch a spirit. I refused to look at the picture after I took it b/c I was scared I had caught something. I have never seen a spirit, but I don’t doubt they exist. Have I ever told you how big of a pansy I am?

The ghost walk jail tour

Ok, here are some shots of Tim messing up the picture on purpose of course. Remember I mentioned earlier he doesn’t like his picture taken.

Ok, there is a good one.

Also, I got a new necklace. I really like it and was really happy b/c I have been looking for a new necklace.

And then here we are at our new favorite sea food restaurant: Charleston’s Crab Shack. It was SO good! And it was really neat b/c you could drive up in your boat and park it at their dock and walk right up to eat. We loved it!

Ok, that is the short version in pictures of our trip. If you want to see more, let me know. Hope you all had a fantastic week!