This past weekend I wrote a post on the whole stimulus check situation. You would not believe the response I got from that! It seems everyone is trying to figure out this whole deal.

As I was looking at the blog stats the other day, I felt a huge need to focus my blog back on what is important. I have posted this information on here twice already, but it is really where my heart is right now. So here it is again:

I read a friend’s blog today about the Farmlands of Ethiopia. In this village, and so many others, the people have to walk a big distance to collect water that is unsanitary. This is their only option. There is no clean water available to them.

Here are some statistics from Living Water International:

1.1 billion people lack access to clean, safe water.
3 million people, most of them children under five, die every year from water-borne diseases.
A child dies every 15 seconds because of the lack of clean water.
As little as $1 can provide clean, safe water to 1 person for a year.

How can we not help these people?! I feel so selfish that I am not already. Go to this website and educate yourself on how you can be apart of the solution. Please do not ignore this or let this opportunity pass by. I would like to see if there could be something started here in E. Tennessee. Here is a way that you could help out on your own:

The H2O Project

Tanzania girl collecting water Bringing water to the world by moving from consumption to contribution.

Every 15 seconds a child dies because of the lack of clean water.

The Opportunity: As little as $10 can provide one person with a lifetime supply of clean water!

The H2O Project helps educate people about the global water crisis and offers an opportunity to make an impact by providing clean water to those in developing countries. For two weeks, make water your only beverage. Save the money that you would normally spend on sodas, coffee, sports drinks for two weeks.
Peru girl at water well
At the end of the two weeks, contribute all of your money to Living Water International for the drilling of wells. Churches, youth groups, key clubs and other organizations have all participated in the H2O Project.

Questions? Call 281-207-7800 or 281-353-7809.

Ready for the Challenge?
Visit to order your free resources to start the project today!
Ethiopian children


Come up with your own unique way to help out. We are a people with so many resources at our disposal. We do not have to hoard all of the money we earn to spend it on things that we don’t really need. Make a difference and give. You can give with your time, money, talents, and so many other ways.

Tell me what unique ways you could be apart of this.

Also, some really great people are doing some awesome things this week here, here, & here. Check it out. Here is the logo for their campaign:

Go to one of their websites to learn stories of their journeys, the people they have met, the changes that need to be made, and ways you can help.