Yesterday at work was for some reason boring for me. It was quite around here and I did not have things that had to be done right away, like I usually do. I thought the evening would be full of cleaning and packing. Boy was I wrong!

When I got home from work I played with the neighbor’s chihuahua (which by the way is the cutest one I have ever seen). My husband came outside to see what I was doing and this started us just hanging out for awhile. That was nice b/c the day before the only time I saw him, he was asleep. We went inside and he took out the dogs. He called me after being out there for just a couple of minutes and asked me to come and get the dogs. I have no clue why, but the thought, “There is a surprise party for me outside!!” came into my mind. There is no occasion for a party, I was just excited about it, again for no reason at all. Well…you guessed it, I was wrong. He was standing with the dogs in the field across the street. I came out there and it turned out that one of the dogs had found a den of bunnies and grabbed one (with his mouth). Tim got the bunny away from him, but couldn’t do anything else b/c he didn’t know if the bunny was alive or not and was also holding two crazy dogs on a leash. **Side Note: Blu used to be our laid back dog. I think he has decided/discovered he can’t get as much attention being that way so he is now getting more lively. He was the one who grabbed the bunny, also causing Kansas to go crazy.** I grabbed the dogs to take them in then came running back outside. Sure enough, the bunny was dead. I was sad and got a little upset with Tim when he just casually tossed the bunny’s corpse into the woods. We found the rest of the bunnies nestled all together. I really wanted to take them all home with me. Tim made a good point that the bunnies would get eaten in about a day (by the dogs, not us) if we took them with us. We will be checking regularly to make sure the mama is coming back to the den after Blu’s scent is on it.

After that we went to church. Tim is joining the praise and worship team for a new service that is starting at the church. I don’t know if I have ever told you or not, but Tim is a drummer. I think drummers are hot! (Who doesn’t?) He has not really ever let me see him play. I think I have seen him once, and that was b/c he did not have a choice (I was in a service he played in). Last night was so much fun! I felt like a giddy girl at a concert who wanted to stand at the stage and scream. I loved it. And every once and awhile on the loud, big parts, he would look at me for a couple of seconds. I could just melt! I tell ya, I am not sure I will be able to sit in a service and concentrate with him playing! Here is a not very good picture that I took with my camera phone.

After practice, while driving home, we saw off in the distance smoke and what looked like the blaze of a fire. We really wanted to see what was happening so we went to look for it. The whole time I kept thinking that we were going to be the stupid people who got in the way and possibly needed to be rescued from the fire. Well, it turned out we were not alone. Buffalo Mountain had caught on fire. It was huge. As we got closer to the site (about 2 miles from it, a safe distance but we could still see) we saw we were not alone. So many cars, trucks and motorcycles were pulled over on the side of the road. The local elementary school’s parking lot was full of vehicles and spectators. It really reminded me of people gathering for the fourth of July. It was crazy how quite it was though. I know that everyone was full of awe (Fire!), fear (are there people getting hurt by this tragedy), and wonderment (how did it start, look how fast it is spreading). There were no words to speak. We quickly called my brother-in-law and told him to turn on the news. The fire spread over 40 acres and was spreading. It lit up the night sky all over Johnson City. Here is another not so great picture I took with my camera phone.

And here is an article explaining the event:

So, after that I went home and went to bed. That was a pretty exciting evening. I was pooped!