As I have posted before, my husband and I are planning on starting the adoption process as soon as we are able (must be 27 years of age and married 3 years) from the Philippines. As I have looked at pictures from orphanages, shelters, and people’s stories the older children/orphans are really on my heart. They so often get over looked. They seem to be the ones who are not wanted b/c everyone wants a baby (I am not saying adopting a baby is wrong at all, I would actually like to adopt a baby as well). I understand there are more difficulties with bonding when adopting an older child, but it is really on my heart to give one of these children a home any way. I understand that I might not ever have the parent-child relationship with them, maybe I will. I don’t care. I want it to be about giving this child/these children a safe, loving home.

I was reading one of my favorite blogs the other day. Laurie posted on bonding with her adopted child. It seemed like a hard process to go through, but SO worth the results. Her child is only a couple of years old. What is it going to be like with a child that is 10 years old, or 5 years, or 8? Is there anyone who can give me advice on this? What have you gone through after adopting an older child? Or are you in the process and already researching on this topic?

I also wondered about discipline. How soon do you begin disciplining a child after you adopt them? Right away? Or do you cut them some slack for the first couple of weeks. I know that sounds strange, but does it push back or mess up the bonding process?

I don’t know much about parenting yet so all the help you can give me is SO appreciated!