I got a phone call from my mom yesterday afternoon. She told me that my dad just got out of surgery and now has 17 stitches in his nose. Now you must know, I had no idea he needed to have surgery. My last couple of visits (with a couple of months in between each visit) I have noticed a spot on my dad’s nose. I kept telling him he needed to get it checked out. He finally did and told me that it was fine. For some reason my family does not like to let people know when things might be wrong with them (physically/medically). The last time I went home I noticed the spot had some how fallen off. I pointed it out to him and he didn’t really say anything back (typical of my dad). I didn’t think anything more on it b/c the spot was no longer there.

It turns out the spot was not there anymore b/c his doctor had removed it and sent it to the lab. The results came back as skin cancer. Yesterday he had surgery to have it removed. The doctors say he is fine now. He works in the sun a lot (road construction), so they said that he may have more spots like this come up. He will just have to have them removed again. Even though everyone is saying it is nothing serious, a rush of panic came over me yesterday. I am almost 6 hours away from them and my dad has a form of cancer. That in itself is a very scary word! But apparently, he is “ok”.

Yesterday afternoon he was loopy b/c of the pain medications he was on. To me, this is funny. My dad is the strong, quiet type. Him talking a lot, repeating himself a lot, and thinking that he is starving (he ate two pasta platters and a slice of pizza from Fazoli’s and kept asking my mom what she was going to fix for supper when they got home) is just really funny. Here is one conversation I had with my mom that I thought was hilarious:

me: is he doing anything funny?

mom: he keeps saying the same thing over & over & over & over

me: really? like what?

mom: he keeps asking me how many times they cut on his face, but I really don’t know

dad: what? (in a lazy, apathetic slur)

mom: you keep asking me how many times they cut on your face

dad: oh. how many times did they cut on my face?

mom: I don’t know!

and this conversation:

dad: that’s 4!

me: what is he doing?

mom: he is playing pt (counting the pt cruisers he sees) by himself

dad: no I am not! you are playing too!

mom: i only have gotten 1!

Anyway, they are just funny together. I love hanging out with them. I will say that we can ALL push each other’s buttons. There are not a whole of people in this world (that I have met) that can make me as mad as my family. But, I also think they are hilarious and I love them so much!

Here is a blurry picture of my dad’s nose:

Dad\'s nose