NO! I really am not. I think it is so funny (kind of) how often I get asked that question. I am not overweight (some people suggest I am underweight-but I am not that either), so that is not the reason. I guess it might be because I am a newly wed. It is really funny that almost every Monday night in community group some how it gets set up for someone to ask me if I am pregnant. Last week I was introducing a guest and had to get up  infront of everyone. Someone said, “You’re pregnant?!” and I said NO! The week before we had planned a surprise for a couple in the group. I got up (I talk a lot in the group if you haven’t picked up on that yet) to say I had an announcement. Again, “You’re pregnant?!” and NO!

I am not telling you this b/c I am annoyed. My husband might be, but I think it is funny. As of two weeks ago, I am not pregnant. My body is going through some changes though that would suggest it (weight gain, nausea, dizziness) but there are two signs (a test and that time of the month) that have told me otherwise. We will see if they are fibbing. (I hope not!!)