This past weekend I was the assistant coordinator for a BEAUTIFUL wedding. Everything turned out wonderfully, with a few minor hiccups here and there. I love to coordinate weddings! I think they are so much fun and so wonderfully beautiful. Anyway, as I posted last week, I want to take pictures each day (if possible) b/c I think my life is a lot more interesting than I allow myself to believe. So, here is this past weekend’s pictures.

I am off to Asheville for the Randolph/Rideout wedding extravaganza!

I am off!

Putting together some of the beautiful center pieces for the reception.

Centerpiece set up

And then I found out that when you are coordinating a good sized wedding (250 in attendance) and the ceremony and reception are just about in two different locations, you don’t really have a lot of time to take pictures. Believe me, I had my camera in my pocket all weekend. But I just didn’t have time to even think about taking pictures.

Tonight should be a great night to take pictures. I can’t tell you why just yet b/c it is a surprise for someone. I’ll show you tomorrow though.

Have a great day!