Like I said earlier, I would like to start taking pictures of the things that happen in my day.

Today, Katie Beth came to have lunch with me. We went and ate hot dogs, went to another shop for ice cream and then walked around the block and enjoyed the beautiful weather!

Here are the pictures I took. They are not good quality at all b/c I totally forgot to bring my camera. I had to use my camera phone. Enjoy!

Katie Beth got a Chicago style hot dog. It had cucumbers, tomatoes, relish, pickles and pepper on top of a hot dog in a sesame bun. She really liked it, but the first bite was very warm.

I had an East Tennessee style hot dog. It had mayonnaise, chili, onions, cole slaw on top of a hot dog in a pretzel bun. Yum!

Katie says it looks like New York is behind me.

Then we went to Discovery Ice Cream (my favorite ice cream shop!). Katie Beth had cake batter ice cream (made with real cake batter) in a sugar cone. I had double chocolate fudge ice cream in a cone. Delicious!

The girl at the shop was so sweet too. Probably some of the best customer service I have had in a long time (My husband and I are big advocates/fans of good customer service).

So, that has been part of my day. Tonight I am going to babysit three of my favorite boys! Maybe I’ll show you tomorrow some pictures of them.

How has your day been?