I really love pictures. I love to look at pictures. I can look at someone else’s or my own pictures over and over. I love them. I will study every detail.

There are so many times that I think that my life is boring, blah, not so great, not anything exciting. Well, I think I am wrong. There are so many things that happen in my life that are so fun. Monday night, I was officially pinned by my Mary Kay director. Tuesday I got to work out the details of a wedding I am helping to coordinate. I love coordinating and planning weddings! I wish I could get married every 5-10 years-to the same man of course! He would hate that though. Last night I ran the boards in one of the radio studios that I work for. Today my good friend Katie Beth is coming to lunch with me. I am taking her to a really great hot dog restaurant that has hot dogs from all over the U.S. (I didn’t know how different the different areas in the U.S. eat their hot dogs) and then I am taking her my favorite ice cream store. (And right now there is a fight going on down the hall!) I will post pictures from lunch later today. I am excited about it!

I also like random, useless facts. One from my brother: Lollipop is the longest word you can type with your right hand (if you are correctly typing, and that might not be the word, he told me a long time ago, I think it is though 😉 ).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy your day. Look for the things that make your day amazing that are always there but go unnoticed.