Tim and I got the chance to visit my family in Nashville this weekend. I love getting to visit them for three reasons: 1) I love them, 2) I miss them, 3) I love Nashville! We scheduled the visit to where we could see Diana play softball (she is an awesome softball player!) and Necie’s cheer competition (she is incredible!). I love getting see both of them in their sports b/c they are both incredibly talented at what they do! I didn’t get to see my brother as much (actually I only got to see him for a brief hug and hello) which makes me sad b/c I don’t get to spend much time with him. Diana’s team won both games, and Necie’s team won first place. Here are some pictures of the weekend:

Tim, Diana, and me after the game. It was so cold(or at least I thought it was)!


Diana at bat.

Diana at bat

I love my sister!

Diana and me

And then on Sunday we were at the Cheer Competition with Necie. Katie Beth was also at the Cheer Competition.

Me, Necie, Katie Beth, and mom.

Me, Necie, Katie Beth & Mom

Me, Necie, & Katie Beth

Me, Necie, and Katie Beth

And I also got to visit some friends.

Sharon & her daughter Grace

Grace, Sharon, & me

And we took lots of fun pictures:

Grace & me


And then there was the car ride back to JC.

Kansas watching the cars drive by as Blu lays on the seat


Getting some Kansas lovin’


There were other things that happened too that I do not have pictures of. A best friend from middle/high school was in a car accident in 2003 and died. She left behind a three year old son and a fiance. I got the opportunity to meet her son for the first time Saturday. I really wish I would have gotten a picture with him. It was such an emotional meeting (for me, not so much him). And let me tell you, he is such a well behaved little boy. I also met with her grandparents (who I absolutely love). When Amanda was alive she asked her grandmother for a specific quilt she (her grandmother) had made. Lettie (her grandmother) never got the chance to give it to her. She had asked me to come over Saturday so she could give the quilt to me. That quilt is so beautiful and so special to me! I will post a picture of Amanda and the quilt later.

I had a really great weekend. What about you?