I think that everyone has to work on/battle with/live with being wrapped up in themselves in some form or another. Some people are really open about how great they think they are. Some are in constant prayer asking the Lord to mold them and make them into something that is not so much about themselves, but about Him. Some just live life thinking there are no consequences. Some live life feeling very negative about themselves and constantly thinking about how they are not as good as another might be. There are so many other ways that this thought process (the selfish one) can pan out. I am with the ones who are thinking badly of myself. I get so wrapped up in thinking of myself and how I could be better or how I am not better. The Enemy is so good at what he does. But the victory is in that the Lord is better, He is perfect and the Creator. He knows all. (How great is that!)

I have heard or seen so many friends or fellow bloggers who have really been struggling with situations in their lives, but not with their faith. I hardly have anything going wrong in my life and I find it difficult to believe or to even find motivation to strive after a life with Christ. I am selfish. Please do not think I am being hard on myself. I am not. I am not trying to make myself feel worse. I am stating the truth, and that is ok. I think a person needs to see the truth to be able to work through it.

Anyway. Got a little side tracked there. All of that was b/c of this quote that I read from here . This has really moved me, for lack of better words. It stuck out to me and made me know that I needed to pay attention to these words.

“This life is not about being healed.

It’s about bearing wounds for the sake of the One who bore them for us. For you. ”

I believe those words are so powerful!