The days are getting warmer which lets me know that summer is on it’s way. I am so excited. I tell ya, summer is definitly my favorite season. I love to be warm! I have a heater in my office that is always going. I love the tanning beds, not b/c of the fake tan they give me, but b/c I can fall asleep laying in them. I love warmth. Anyway, last night I was thinking of things that I would like to do, or to start doing. I thought I might make a list, a Summer To Do List. The last day of summer is September 21st (or somewhere around that). So, hopefully I will have most of these things done before then. I will admit that a couple of things on here are already in the works and should most definitly happen. The others, are up to me I guess.

~Start Exercising

~Visit the Virginia Creeper Trail

~Start a Household/Personal Budget

~Start a House Cleaning Routine (I am horrible with keeping my house clean!)

~Invest in my friendships with other women (it has always been so much easier for me to be close friends with guys. now that is not appropriate nor fair to my husband. I know that it is healthy for me to have close friendships with Godly women who I can learn from and can spur me on).

~A Daily Devotional

~Move out of our house (We already know where we are moving, which is so much less worrying for me! and we love the place!)

~Go on Vacation!! (We already have this planned-We are going to Charleston!)

~Happy Birthday Me!

~Read more

~Put my heart more into my volunteer work (as I thought about this list last night I almost put “volunteer”. Then as I thought about it, I realized I already volunteer, but my heart is not always where it needs to be.)

~Be more devoted to my job

~Get internet at our home

~Pray More!

~Welcome my dear friend Mary home from South Africa