My company brings in a local hospital once a year to give us semi-checkups. You have to answer a questionnaire about how you live life (eat, work out, medicate, and so on). Then they take your blood pressure and weigh you. The scales they use also measure your body fat. Then they take your blood so they can run tests on that. I did really well on almost all of it.

I failed the nutrition and exercise section. No joke, my score is in the “Caution” area! They told me I needed to start eating healthier and exercising immediately (the question that asked what my plan was regarding this, I answered w/in the next 6 months 😉 ).

So what do I do? I have eaten two chocolate candy bars today. This afternoon that is. I had a salad for lunch though with Diet Pepsi. Doesn’t that count? Probably not.

** Update:

I think I need to clarify the name of this post. I am not really being hard on myself. We were joking at work that me and one of the other girls failed our test. I am not upset about all of this. Just joking around. I really do need to get going on the living healthily though.