My dear friend Mary told me during the fall season of 2006 that she was going to move to Johannesburg, South Africa to serve as a Children’s Minister to Lyndhurst Baptist Church. I was really excited for her! This is a huge deal. Over the time of her living there she has also picked up many other responsibilities: she works at an AIDS orphanage and she also works as a social worker at the local schools (the schools did not have the funding to pay social workers, so she took over). She has now lived in Johannesburg since December of ’06 (or around that time). I miss her. I have no clue what kind of world she lives in. I can see a glimpse of it now though. Another friend, Julie (our wedding photographer) and Mary’s best friend, went to visit Mary for a couple of weeks. She took lots of pictures! I am so excited to see them. She is also selling these pictures. The proceeds from the sales go to the ministry that Julie worked with when she visited Mary. Go here to see the proofs.