This is so sad to me, but probably not to you. My little sister, by 11 years, does competitive cheerleading. She is good too! She can do all of the flips and she is one of the girls to throw the others in the air. Did I mention that she is only 13 and she can do this!? Over the weekend she had practice. Her and this other girl were throwing one of the flyers (girls who are thrown) into the air when the flyer came down and hit the other girl with her elbow (she should have been tucking her elbows but didn’t). The other girl didn’t want to throw her anymore b/c she didn’t want to get hit, so Necie (my sister) said that she would switch. (She’s not scared!) Here is the outcome:

Necie’s Black EyeNecie’s Black Eye #2

Excuse her hair. She was woken up to take this picture. My mom wanted me to see (I live five hours away). Poor thing. She is tough though! She didn’t even cry. By the way, this isn’t the first time something like this has happened, and she keeps on going. Her eye is so swollen she can barely see out of it.