I know that we are commanded to basically take care of each other. I really desire to do that. I have a heart for the homeless, unwanted, lost and broken. I always have. So what do I do when a man approaches me, a woman, in a dark parking lot?

Last night I went to the local Food City grocery store. As I was walking to my car I noticed a man laughing and talking to another man next to his van. I didn’t really think anything and just kept walking. After I had loaded my bags into my car, put my buggy up, and got myself into my car, I noticed the man walking towards me. I knew what was going to happen and my heart was already breaking b/c I knew what my reaction was going to be. I turned my head in the other direction attempting to seem like I was trying to back my car out. The man tapped his fingers on my window. I looked at him and said no. He was really nice about it, like he understood the situation I was in (I know, poor me right?). He just said, “Ok”, gave me a quick smile and walked away. I felt so bad that I chose not to help him. I knew that my husband would really be upset if I would have stopped to talk to him for fear of my safety (I was alone and it was at night).

What should I have done. It is talked about so often in churches that we should take care of each other. It is not really talked about what women should do in those situations. I do not want that to be an excuse for me not to help.

Guys, what are your thoughts. What would you have your loved ones do? Ladies, how do you react?  I want to know if there is a better way.

I know that I can seek ways to help out others through organizations and through my church. I try to. But am I to help them there and turn my back later. Am I being overly dramatic?