**The alarm goes off at 6am

**I get up around 6:45

**I tell my husband he needs to get up

**Feed Bob the fish

**Let the dogs up from the basement

**Get barked at and jumped on a lot (Kansas, one of our dogs, has a really cute bark she does when she is excited or impatient and wants to be played with)

**Feed the dogs

**Tell hubby to get up, again

**Jump in the shower

**Get out and tell hubby to get up once more

**He gets up and gets ready in about 10 minutes…not fair

**He takes the dogs out

**Grab a quick bite to eat

**head out the door between 7:20 – 7:40 am

This is a typical morning at our home. One thing I want to add is that I am a morning person and Tim is not! This morning I was apparently talking too much to him and he reminded me, “I am not completely awake yet.” Meaning: please stop talking. Ha! I always seem to forget that people who hate mornings hate to talk in the mornings just as much.