I am thinking about possibly getting a sewing machine. I do not know how to sew, nor have I ever really been around anyone while they were sewing (besides home ec, but that was like 8 years ago), but I want to learn. A dear friend of mine is the seamstress for the police dept her husband works for. I have also been reading a lot of blogs by women who sew. I think it is really neat.

Also, my husband seems to have shorter than the average legs. It is really hard finding pants that are not too long or (what he considers) too short. I would like to be able to hem his pants for him. He also apparently (we are newly weds, so I am discovering a lot of this stuff for the first time!) is impatient with tags on new clothes. He has ripped or made holes in at least two new shirts now. I would really like to be able to fix those too!

Does anyone have any tips for me? What is the easiest way to get into sewing? Are there any easy tutorials?

I really want to do this, but do not want to purchase the equipment unless I am really going to stick with it (which can be questionable). I also really like the idea of making presents instead of buying them. I love how personal that is!

Ok, let me know what you think. When/if I ever start I will be sure to post pictures on here! That will be loads of fun!


 I have talked to my mom and also my good friend Sharon about the possibility of using their old sewing machines. They both have one I can use and Sharon also has some sewing supplies I can have. This is so great because I won’t have to spend lots of money on getting a new hobby started! I am excited!