I just wanted to write a little note to say Happy New Year! I cannot wait to see what this one brings. I already know some of the plans that we want to happen. We shall see if they actually come into play. Here is a brief glimpse of my previous year. I am warning you though, I have a horrible memory. My husband gets upset at times with me b/c he thinks it is b/c I do not care about things. Not true in the least. I just can’t remember. So, here I go trying to do something I am horrible at.

**Begin my last semester as an undergraduate in January

**Big time wedding planning!

**Honeymoon planning as well

**Tim and I join Heritage Baptist Church

**We also join a wonderful community group

**Work a ton at the Firehouse Restaurant

**Graduate in May!!

**Move out of the apartment and away from my roommate and best friend of three years (it’s ok though b/c we both gained really great new roommates ~we both got married in June).

**Get married in June!!

**Honeymoon in St. John!

**Get back, and immediately discover a huge financial blow

**The problem stays with us for about three months, but, praise God, we did not fight about it.

**My great friend, Whitney, gets married June 23rd.

**Job hunting! (I hated this)

**Get a job!!

**Give away one of my dogs 😦 (we had three, it needed to be done)

** My good friend Joshua got married to a wonderful lady

**I got health insurance!!

**Tim and I celebrate our first Christmas together!!

Ok, like I said, this is probably not all that happened. But it has been quite a bit. Now, I am welcoming 2008. I cannot wait to see what this one will bring! Hopefully this blog will help me to remember.