Have you ever seen the beginning of… crap, I can’t remember the name of either movies. I also cannot remember the actor’s name who is in both of them… he is actually the narrator of both of them. Or maybe I have just seen the beginning of only one movie along time ago and think it is another movie. Anyway, the movie begins with showing the greetings of the new arrivals at an airport. I got the chance to do that one day b/c of work (won’t go into detail about all of that b/c I will probably go off on another tangent). I think that is one of the my new favorite things to do. If you ever get a chance to go to an airport and watch people greeting the arrivals, do it! There is so much joy and excitement in it all! First, you watch the waiters. You can see their impatience and anticipation and excitement all in one just through how they stand and stare down this tunnel. Then when they catch sight of the people they are waiting for. If they are with others they will announce, “There she/he is!” Then there is even more anticipation b/c they see what they have been waiting for. Then the arriving person gets closer and the anticipation gets to the point where you think the person might pop! The whole time, by the way, you are feeling these same emotions even though the greeters and arrivals do not know you are a part of this event and you have no idea who the people are. Then, they meet! They hug, they kiss, they cry, they laugh. It is so wonderful. A couple of times I wanted to be a part of the hugs and laughing and crying, but I knew that would be way too weird! The cutest greeting I saw was a little girl, maybe not even 2 years old, and her mom were waiting for her grandmother. The little girl got distracted by the Christmas tree in the airport and did not see her grandmother walk through the arrivals’ tunnel. The grandmother came up behind her, then the little girl’s mom told her to look and asked who that was. The little girl kind of squatted down so she could see through the crowd. She then saw her reward, ran up to her grandmother (who by the way had a really cute winter coat on) w/ her arms up in the air, and yelled something in her own language that was probably her name for her grandmother. It was so great! Again, I wanted to be apart of this moment! I did not see anyone upset or angry with anyone else. It was great to see and be apart of. It makes me want to travel more!!