I really enjoy working at my new job. There really are so many reasons for me to like it. But, this morning I got to experience a really great reason to love working here.

There are lots of women who work here. None of us really get paid the mega bucks, so we cannot afford lots and lots of clothes. So, what do we do, we exchange clothes. I love it!! There are women here who have kids of different ages, so they just pass the clothes along once their kids out grow them. Well, this morning one of the ladies who works in radio traffic came to my office and asked me to try on a jacket she had. It is a beautiful jacket and has a wool-like material on the inside; very warm! I tried it on and if fit. She said it was too small for her and I could have it. This coat was probably around $150 on the rack and she just gave it to me! She said Merry Christmas like it wasn’t a thang (trying to talk slang here 😉 smiled, and walked away. I am so excited, so I thought I would share with you all.

Who would have thought this would be one of the perks of this job!