Hello everyone! I have always wanted to do one of these blog things, but have not really ever been any good at it. So here it goes again!

I have recently been married to a wonderful man named Tim. We were married on June 2, 2007. We have been married for six months now. Truthfully, we don’t really pay much attention to our anniversary date. It will definitly be different for the one year anniversary though. We will take our first vacation together for that week. I am super excited b/c my parents are letting us use some of their timeshare! It should be great!

Tim and I live in Johnson City for now. We are hoping that we will move at some point in the future. We have no clue at all though when and where it will be.

We have two dogs, Blu & Kansas. Blu used to be Harper. Tim decided to change his name on Thanksgiving. I am not going to lie, it is hard to remember he has a new name. I also like Harper better.

Tim is the manager of the local Smoothie King. I am the promotions director/sales assistant at Holston Valley Broadcasting. I work with four radio stations, but most of the work is only w/ two of them. I really enjoy it, but I struggle with creativity.

I really want a big family some day. Maybe four or five kids. We are planning to wait awhile, four or five years. It is so hard though b/c I have so many friends who are pregnant or who already have babies. I want one!!! But at the same time I have this huge fear that I am going to be a horrible mother. I guess we shall see, hopefully.